• Short-term loans up to $1000
  • 100% safe online application
  • No credit checks done
  • Get same day cash easily
  • Low applicant requirements
  • Spend the cash for any purpose

1. Fill-in application
In order to get a loan you have to provide personal information by filling our online application form. The information is kept safely.
2. Information reviewed
We review applications every hour during the business days. We may also contact you to get additional information if needed.
3. You get the cash
If you get approved we will send the money the same day or next day. In some cases people are funded within an hour after sending application.

Apply for Online Cash Loan in Canada

It always pays to make informed decisions these days especially when applying for a payday advance. Hence, before applying, try to check its pros and cons so you can better decide whether this is the best solution to your financial needs. We know that these types of loans only serve as temporary solutions to your financial needs. After a few weeks, you have the obligation to pay it back including the high interest rates that come along with them. Hence, before deciding whether to avail for these offers or not, bear in mind that borrowing is not for free. These represent your future hard earned cash so they must be used responsibly.

You may wonder why many people still apply for these financial products despite their high interest rates. Well, obviously, any person who is in desperate need for cash will take the risk of paying for high interest fee if this means saving somebody’s life or getting the funds that they urgently need for whatever reason it may be. And because this is much quicker than waiting for your next payday to come, payday advances appear to be very enticing to anybody who needs for immediate cash release.

Compared to other financing choices, payday loans are much better in many ways. If you are facing the risk of a bouncing check, high credit card outstanding balance or experience accident that needs immediate medical intervention, you will give up anything to get cash as soon as possible. However, there are times when you are faced with no other option but to look for a solution that can at least momentarily save you from your current financial distress. And short-term borrowings can be your best option. If you use this to pay your outstanding bills, you can extend the lending term without paying much by applying for a credit card balance transfer with 0% apr or apply for a consolidation loan. This is the most sensible thing to do if your bill appears to have more fees compared to short-term loan charges.

Why borrow from us:

Since there are so many companies offering similar services, the question arises, why would you choose us? Simply, because of the fact that we provide with flexible repayments, along with the most competitive interest rates. This would be really beneficial for you, as most of our lenders, provide with funds on the very day after the required formalities are fulfilled. We do not ask you a hundred questions before giving the money. There is some important identification and verification details which you need to fill up, in the application form, which will help us in determining the amount of loan we can help you out with.

Imagine you need money urgently and you go to the bank for a loan. It will at least take a week for the funds to sanction and another few days for it to reach you. We provide with money on that very day or the day after. This will help you out in sorting problems easily and in a much better manner. There is no need for fax; all that is required is the filling up of the online form provided on our website.

Eligibility criteria:

  • First and foremost, you need to be a resident of Canada in order to avail the payday loans.
  • The person applying for cash advance needs to be 18 years or above. We do not release money to minors.
  • An identity proof is required.
  • Our company requires an evidence of the person’s income and work in order to provide with the loan. We do not cater to those who do not have a fixed monthly income.
  • You must have an account at the bank, so that we can transfer the required amount of money directly to your account without much hassle. Those without a verified account in the bank will not receive loans from us.