• Short-term loans up to $1000
  • 100% safe online application
  • No credit checks done
  • Get same day cash loan
  • Low applicant requirements
  • Spend the cash for any purpose

1. Fill-in application
In order to get a loan you have to provide personal information by filling our online application form. The information is kept safely.
2. Information reviewed
We review applications every hour during the business days. We may also contact you to get additional information if needed.
3. You get the cash
If you get approved we will send the money the same day or next day. In some cases people are funded within an hour after sending application.

Pros And Cons Of Payday Loans

When people need short-term solutions in order to deal with their daily expenses, payday loans are the first option that comes to mind. That’s because the lenders that offer such financial services are ready to provide the sum of money you need in a couple of hours, making it possible to deal with the financial emergency that you have just discovered even the actual day of the discovery. This is definitely a huge advantage, especially when you are trying to make sure your bank account will survive to see another day.

There are actually quite a few pros associated with these payday loans in Canada. First of all, the process of getting such a loan is pretty simple. You’re just supposed to find a lender that seems most trustworthy, deal with the paperwork involved and then take the money offered so that you can deal with your emergency. Also a benefit is the complete privacy involved. You will be given the money you are after without having to answer any questions regarding the purpose for which you need the money, for instance. Not even a credit check is performed. As you very well know, every time you apply for a loan, the lender wants to make sure you will be able to cover it, so your credit report is carefully examined. All you will need to bring with you in order to instantly get the small loan you are after is a bank statement, the most recent paycheck stub that you can provide and a check that uses as date the day when the term you agreed upon expires and as value the money you decided to borrow plus the fee involved.

On the same list of pros I must also include the fast approval process because once you are able to provide all the documents mentioned you will get the money you are after in as little as 15 minutes. That’s definitely faster than any traditional bank loan. Not to mention that no collateral needs to be involved. To make sure that you will repay the loan, the lender ask from you only a post-dated check which is not that bad, especially if you are sure the account will have the money necessary when the term expires. There’s also convenience involved because such lenders offer their services through physical stores all over the country as well as online.

Let’s now take a look at the list of cons which has its fair share of entries. First on the list are the fees that you will have to cover. If you can repay the loan on time the fees can be considered ok but once you miss a deadline they are likely to become overwhelming. Not to mention that overdraft fees will get involved every time the lender tries to cash in the check and not enough money are available. Besides, these high fees you are also likely to deal with questionable contracts because lenders will do whatever they can in order to put themselves in advantage. What you must also understand is that such loans are just a temporary solution.